For a Fishing Lure to work….

Listening to a good sermon is the petri dish for all kinds of tangential bunny trails.  Our new pastor Carl Wiebe was expounding on fishing lures a couple Sundays back, and these are some thoughts that spun off from his comments, although I do not hold him accountable for them.

Fishing lures are designed for one function – to lure, to entice, to deceive, to tempt a fish to take a bite at the bait.  If the lure works, it’s the end of the line for the fish.

There are a number of necessary components for a lure to be effective, whether one is catching fish, blogging, tweeting, selling door to door, marketing on a website, selling through a brick and mortar facility, or preaching the Gospel!

1.  The lure must glitter.  If the flashy glint has faded, whether due to rust, covered with seaweed, or tangled up so it can’t spin when pulled through water, the lure will be ineffective.  A lure can be subtle, but it can’t be humble.  It has to be realistic.  If it is overly ostentatious, over the top, unrealistic, insincere, the fish will quickly figure that out, and you’ll be trolling all day with no results.

2.  The correct lure needs to be used for the particular species you are after.  A lure to pull in a large mouth bass would be different than the stink bait to catch catfish.  The experienced fisherman knows what it is the species of fish he is after will find irresistible.  This is the lure he will use.

3.  The lure must be where the fish are.  You can’t troll for fish anywhere but in the water.  Lures don’t work so well on your front lawn.  Even when in the water, to fish effectively today you need depth finders and radar detecting devices to show you where the fish are lurking.

4.  The elevation of the lure is critical.  Fish too deep, and too profoundly, and it will be under their heads, getting caught in the detritus at the bottom of the pond.  Fish too close to the surface, and you’ll come across as facetious and superficial.

5.  The lure must be attached to a line, and the line to a fishing rod.  Without the rod and line you would be unable to reel in your catch.  Show and tell works in kindergarten.  In the grown up world, you must have the ability to show and hook and reel.

6.  The lure must contain a concealed hook.  Without a hook it is impossible to close the deal.  Without a hook you cannont reel in the blue marlin.  Without a hook, you are whistling in the wind.

How’s fishing working out for you?

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  1. Joe Knutson says:

    Now this is a topic I can relate to! 🙂

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