Aspirations for 2012

Notice I did not use the word resolutions.  As the New Year’s approaches, I’ve been considering some priorities for 2012.

1.  I will plant more trees on the farm.  Planting trees has been a life-long obsession.   I’ve already planted thousands. Why give it up now?

giant white oak

2.  Some opportunities have been presented to me at the church we attend where we could potentially utilize the facilities more effectively.  I’m looking forward to assist in facilitating this process.

3.  Leora Gerber (a distant relative of LeAnna’s) and I have our first accordion program scheduled in January.  We love playing in nursing homes – a perfect audience, as far as we’re concerned.  Attendants wheel in the patients.  They have no choice but to sit there until we’re done.  We do have to put up with some heckling, but we’re used to that.

Preparing for the Frolick Dorf this coming February

4.  With all four of our children, a son and daughter-in-law, along with three grandchildren all living on the farm with us, I look forward to continued interaction with all of them, recognizing that all of life is a transition.  Looks like the grandkids will be in for at least one long weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge, a water-park hotel complex that they love, and so do we.

5.  I’m enjoying the blogging experience but have much to learn on how to do so more effectively, and will work to refine my skills.

6.  I want to reach beyond blogging and utilize other apps and networking devices for both personal and business solutions.

7.  I’d like to do some writing apart from blogging.  I published my Mother’s memoirs in 2011, and enjoyed the learning experience.

8.  I’ve not carried my share of the load around the home.  I want to help out with the dishes, along with other household activities.

I've had plenty of experience. Here I am with Martyn, Marvin, and Stu doing what I do best!

9.  The flip side of planting trees is making firewood, a hobby I’ve become passionate about.  I’d love to write a blog on just the intricacies of how to efficiently operate a Stihl chain saw, to split, and stack wood, but I’m afraid I’d loose 90% of my readers.  The farmhouse Paul’s live in is heated by firewood.

10.  I’d like to build a new woodshed, but I don’t have approval from the powers that be at this point.

Thomas helping split up what's left of the Black Tupelo that we girdled 6 years ago so it would dry on the stump.

11.  I’m starting to re-read books that I’ve read twice before.  Draw your own conclusions.

12.  Chic-Fil-A has a leadership conference coming up in May where TT (Tim Tebow) will be speaking.  I’d like to go to that.

13.  My alma mater, Prairie Bible Institute, is going through difficult times.  I would like to be helpful where I can.

14.  I’m making new friends, both professional and personal, through my interactions on the World Wide Web, and look forward to more of this.

15.  I’ve got my .243 Remington sighted in to within half of an inch at 100 yards.  The ground hogs have enjoyed their romp on the farm long enough.  They’ll know when it’s Groundhog Day, I’ll assure you of that.

16.  I’ll start most days still going into work, thinking that I’ll make a difference, but recognizing that I’m just putzing around.  They’ve learned to tolerate fools gladly.  I taught them well.

Just as Samuel Morse clicked the first official words of the telegraph from the book of Numbers, “What Hath God Wrought,” I stand amazed, in reflection, how God has kept his protective hand over me, but, having said that, I want to be more focused on the windshield than on the rear-view mirrors.


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